5 Ways to Enjoy Being Single on Valentine’s Day

Some call it “Single Awareness Day” or S.A.D. for short, and indeed for many singles, Valentine’s Day is a horrible holiday where their lack of significant other is put under the hot, uncomfortable spotlight. It’s easier to see who doesn’t receive a bouquet of flowers on Valentine’s Day than it is to see who did, after all.

This year, consider taking control, putting yourself in the driver’s seat. Make this Valentine’s Day one to remember. A Valentine’s Day even your married or dating friends will covet. Here are some suggestions.

1. Get a Valentine.

No, I’m not being cute or facetious here. If you’re single this Valentine’s Day and have a friend or acquaintance, even, who you know is, too, see about arranging to be each other’s Valentine. While the holiday screams “romantic love,” it isn’t confined to it. Friendship is just as much a reason to celebrate this year. Send each other flowers and candy complete with Valentines describing how much you enjoy your friendship or what you admire most about the other person. Why not?

2. Go Out With Friends

Don’t want to ask an individual person to be your Valentine? Perhaps you’ve a larger circle of friends who are suffering through the holiday this year than not. Arrange to go out on Valentine’s Day, to see a movie or to go out to dinner. Dress up and have drinks, visit a chocolate bar (if you’re so lucky to have one in your area). Split up the cost and rent yourselves a limo for the night. A sex-toy party may also be an option! Be loud, unashamed, and most of all have fun.

3. Anti-Valentine’s Day Party

Be anti-establishment! Declare your independence! Take the opportunity to get a few friends together who are in the same boat and throw an anti-Valentine’s Day party. Go watch a movie and listen to music that are decidedly un-romantic. Drink beer, not wine. Eat burgers, not steak. Fill your home with ripped up, black hearts. Set up an area where you can play darts with a heart, a picture of your ex or celebrity couple you hate the most, or the cheesiest Valentine’s Day cards you can find. Have contests of who can write the worst, most cliché love poems and then burn them. You get the idea.

4. Local Singles Parties

Many larger cities host singles parties where local singles can meet other singles. Dinner and dancing can often be expected with drinks available as well as free chocolates. Larger cities tend to host a number of parties, so Google it and see what’s happening this year-it might exactly what you want to do. You never know who you’ll meet, after all.

5. Pamper Yourself

If nobody else will, why don’t you? Treat yourself to a day at the spa or purchase bath and body products and spend the night in a luxurious bath, complete with candles and a good book. End the night in new pajamas with a hot cup of cocoa as you watch a movie you’ve been meaning to see (it doesn’t have to be a love story). Take the phone off the hook and order in some pizza. You deserve it.

How to Have Sex with Girls like Natalie Gulbis

Did you know that Natalie Gulbis actually hired a PR firm to draw attention away from her sexy image? To sex a girl like Natalie Gulbis, there’s more than meets the eye. Girls like that want to be known for their attributes other than their bodies — like their skills, intelligence, or work habits. To sex a chick like Natalie Gulbis, you’ll need a little different strategy.

1. TALK DIFFERENTLY. Have something to say when initially approaching other than, “You’re hot. Uh huh huh. (Drool).” Girls like Natalie Gulbis are successful for a reason, and that’s dedication to their craft. All that stretching that photographers can’t seem to get enough of is actually essential to the mechanics of the golf swing. This is what you can lead with in a conversation rather than staring at her breasts. Who knows? It might lead to a *gasp* INTERESTING conversation.

2. PLAY UP COMMON INTERESTS. Girls like Natalie Gulbis, who are extremely competent in some area (for Natalie it’s golf, for someone else it might be business, or PR), want men who are extremely competent in their area of expertise. You’ve got to be a winner at something, so whatever you’re good at, that’s where you want to take a gal like Natalie to show off on a first date. Girls who impress all day like to be impressed every once in a while.

3. PLAY IT COOL. Sexy, important gals like Natalie Gulbis are drooled over all day by creepy fans and business types who want a piece of the pie (the money pie, you pervert). Lay back and be cool. If you don’t, you risk looking like a fan or a hanger-on looking to capitalize, and that’s absolutely a romantic turnoff. Let a romance with a girl like Natalie Gulbis build slowly and surely, because no matter how successful the person, everyone is looking for a little security and personal attention.