How to Have Sex with Girls like Natalie Gulbis

Did you know that Natalie Gulbis actually hired a PR firm to draw attention away from her sexy image? To sex a girl like Natalie Gulbis, there’s more than meets the eye. Girls like that want to be known for their attributes other than their bodies — like their skills, intelligence, or work habits. To sex a chick like Natalie Gulbis, you’ll need a little different strategy.

1. TALK DIFFERENTLY. Have something to say when initially approaching other than, “You’re hot. Uh huh huh. (Drool).” Girls like Natalie Gulbis are successful for a reason, and that’s dedication to their craft. All that stretching that photographers can’t seem to get enough of is actually essential to the mechanics of the golf swing. This is what you can lead with in a conversation rather than staring at her breasts. Who knows? It might lead to a *gasp* INTERESTING conversation.

2. PLAY UP COMMON INTERESTS. Girls like Natalie Gulbis, who are extremely competent in some area (for Natalie it’s golf, for someone else it might be business, or PR), want men who are extremely competent in their area of expertise. You’ve got to be a winner at something, so whatever you’re good at, that’s where you want to take a gal like Natalie to show off on a first date. Girls who impress all day like to be impressed every once in a while.

3. PLAY IT COOL. Sexy, important gals like Natalie Gulbis are drooled over all day by creepy fans and business types who want a piece of the pie (the money pie, you pervert). Lay back and be cool. If you don’t, you risk looking like a fan or a hanger-on looking to capitalize, and that’s absolutely a romantic turnoff. Let a romance with a girl like Natalie Gulbis build slowly and surely, because no matter how successful the person, everyone is looking for a little security and personal attention.