How to Make a Great Online Dating Profile

Online dating is an amazing way both to find new prospects and to learn to be comfortable with dating. However, it can be tricky to design your online profile. Given the fact that there are usually thousands of other members on any of these sites, you have to find a way to make yourself stand out without being over the top. Here are six tips to design a great, eye-catching profile.

1) Download the right kind of photos, and download more than one

People want to see multiple photos of you for three main reasons: they want to know what you look like, what your friends are like, and what your interests are. So, it follows that you should download at least three pictures. One should show your face very well (avoid dark or poor quality photos), another should show you with a group of friends, and the last should show you doing something you enjoy (cooking, rock climbing, playing with your dog, etc.). If you don’t have any photos, people will wonder if you have something to hide.

2) Check your grammar, then check it again

Grammar may be the greatest barrier you face in getting your profile the attention it deserves. People may be initially intrigued, but when your profile says something like, “I LUV GOING2 TEH FRMERS MAKET,” your profile becomes hard to read and interpret. When there are thousands of other members to look at and yours is the one that is hard to read, that may be enough to make some people skip over you, so please – check your grammar carefully for misspellings and run-on sentences. Better yet, have a friend check it over!

3) Actually answer the “About Me” sections and questions

This is one of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen made. You might be the most perfect match for a person ever, but if your profile is empty, they have no way of knowing that. You need to fill up your profile with info about yourself if you want people to be able to assess whether you sound like a good match. Give people the background they need to be intrigued by you in the first place.

4) Avoid clich├ęd terms and bragging, and instead focus on what makes you unique

Once someone’s been doing online dating for a while, certain terms begin to sound contrived, wooden, and fake when used too much. It’s great that you are “caring, generous, loving, and enjoy long walks on the beach,” but if you go on and on about these traits too much it just looks like you’re trying too hard, and that’s a major turn-off. Do mention your good traits, but try to make your primary focus be what makes you unique, because those are the things that will make you stand out.

5) Don’t be too serious

A little humor goes a long way. People want to feel comfortable around you, and writing to someone is always a little nerve-wracking. Put people at ease by keeping things on your page lighthearted, and you will be surprised at how well others will respond.


I cannot stress this enough. If you follow all of the above five steps and yet fail to be honest, you will not find online dating success. Most people who have been on the online dating scene for a while get very good at picking up when someone is being dishonest in their profile, and let me assure you, it will make them skip over you. Even if people cannot initially tell you’re being dishonest, it will eventually come out if you meet in person. Remember, you are looking for someone who will like you for you.

Follow these six steps and you should enjoy a much better response to your online dating profile, and remember to have fun!