Should You Give Him Your Number?

To date someone in the technology world today is way different than let’s say 10 years ago. Now everyone can contact you just by goggling you on the internet. Let’s step back 10 years ago and look at the ways of giving your number to the man in the year 2000.
In the year 2010, we had cell phones, email, and pagers, and a lot of people had land lines, many of us didn’t have the vast amount of email addresses that we have today. Being a woman back then was complicated even though you had more options than your parents.

One option you had was to give the guy your home phone number, which meant that if you guys didn’t click or have a long relationship, you were risking him calling you all times of the day. This is one option a lot of women didn’t do, they used girl friends numbers, fake carpet numbers, even gave guys the number to their mother. The last one was bold but it let the guy know that the relationship was not going to be.

Another, option women had back then was to give the guy an email address to contact them. But, how many women wanted to be spammed by a potential nutcase. Could you imaging the relationship not working out and he post all your information on a chat line and blast emails about you? The internet option was not a good one to incorporate in your dating life but sometimes it was safer than giving the guy your number.

A pager was another option but that technology soon faded out, so all those ex’s that had your pager number are goggling you right now trying to find you. So if you get a strange call in 2010 from Jonny saying you guys dated back in the day, tell him you have a non curable disease and you would love to get his number so you guys can go out. Expect for him to give you a carpet number or just tell you he will call you back.

In 2010 you have varies options to implement that will keep you and your private life save. First, don’t give the guy your number unless your parents live on the same street. This man will never want to have his mom in his business so he will never over use your number if things didn’t work out.

Second, use a catch all email address if you feel hesitant about the man you meet, only bad part about this is if you wind up liking this guy his emails might get erased with the junk mail and you may loose contact with him.

The third and final option is to just tell him the old in the club way don’t call me I will call you and get his number instead. He may be puzzled by this one but at least you are being honest and that’s what most men want. Don’t lead us on but if you do remember, two can play the game.