The Old Fashioned Way of Falling in Love

How can we fall in love? Men accompanied women to dances and social affairs and girls kept their hands to themselves. This combination of action and reaction on the part of people created an extremely stable environment in which to create a marriage.

Nowadays, we have a standard sort of relationship that is kept as “casual and light” as possible. We have sexual relationships and live together, without so much as mentioning “I do” because of the uncomfortable situation or awkwardness that might arise. Our focus is on emerging tolerant, rather than too heavy or too deep. Are there any consequences for such behavior?

A human relationship is among the hardest things to maintain. Even if you have a god and worship them, there’s a basic premise that they always meet their end of their relationship. For two individuals to make a go of it could be quite tricky.

Previously, courtship was the normal procedure for romance. A man pursued a girl he was interested in, as if they were to get married but with no full commitment, just an understanding. If they got together, he would request her hand in marriage, and if they didn’t, there was no separation or seriously hurt feelings. Each individual moved on to someone else. These days, boyfriend-girlfriend relationships are made quite serious, and if there’s a separation, plenty of emotional damage and bitterness is caused.

The rules were not based around being tolerant or seeming open-minded, but were put in place to protect both parties, which included protection from being trashed in front of others. A man was not considered the jerk if he moved on to someone else, and a woman was not considered a skank if she had more than 1 admirer chasing after her. Wouldn’t you like to stay in that world?