Ways to Deal With a Moody Boyfriend

When you met him he was full of laughter and jokes. He was incredible fun and made you the center of his world. Now that you’ve been together a while, you’ve noticed that he’s a lot moodier than you imagined. Is something wrong with him? Are you headed towards a break up? What’s he thinking? These are all questions that are running through your mind. And you’re probably tempted to ask him each and every time he gets a little quiet. But before you do, you might want to consider a few reasonable tactics.

Take the time to learn his “cycle.”

Some men need a certain amount of time to decompress after work. Some men aren’t “morning people.” Others become cranky when they’re tired. If you spend enough time around your boyfriend or lover, you will probably be able to pick up on the times of day when he is least talkative or friendly. People have different ways of responding to the world around them. If your beau isn’t as bubbly and exciting as he was when you first met, it might mean that he’s simply becoming more comfortable around you-which is often a good thing. Take note of his routines, and you might find that his moods (and yours) are easier to deal with.

Designate some “me” space.

Whenever you sense that he’d like to be alone, grant him his wish. Everyone needs his or her own space. It would help if you have a space in your home (even if just a “nook”) to which you can retreat and read or listen to music. Don’t look at it as a “time out” area; rather, you’re showing your beau that individual space is just as important to you as it may be to him. He’ll respect that you’re giving him room to breathe, and will most likely reciprocate when you’re in a snit.

Take advantage of his good moods.

You can actually encourage more of his “good” side, if you simply take care in recognizing it. You don’t need to lavish tons of praise merely because he’s in a happy mood. But if he sees that things go considerably smoother in your relationship when he’s in amicable spirits, he may subconsciously change his mental state in the future. Try to please some of his desires or fantasies that you could go for. It could trying something new in the bedroom, doing things the way he likes them. Get some new intimate toys or try phone sex or encourage him to go for a free chat line¬†or webcam chat to experience something new. It doesn’t mean that he’d go for it but he’d feel that you try to please him and he’ll feel good about it.

Talk to him.

Pestering him with a barrage of “What’s wrong” questions probably won’t get you very far. Plus, you’ll probably end up alienating him altogether-causing him to shut down even more. A “moody” person doesn’t necessarily have anything heavy on his mind. Sometimes the person just wants to be alone with his thoughts. During the process, his demeanor may seem a bit melancholy. Nonetheless, a simple: “Do you feel like talking” sounds a lot less threatening than a direct inquiry. You might be surprised that he comes around sooner, rather than later.